Mr. Alex Cooper

Alex Cooper is a member of First Christian Church Cleburne, TX, and a former NBA XPLOR Resident (2016-2017 cohort). He has served as a Youth Ministry Council member in the Trinity Brazil Area of the Southwest Region 2010-2011, a member of the Young Adult Commission, NBA representative at a church camp in the Mid-America Region and at General Assembly. He will complete a church training on autism by the end of 2018. Alex currently works at First National Bank, N.A. Cleburne, TX.

Why did you say “yes” to serving on the NBA Board of Trustees?

I have experienced NBA mainly from an XPLOR Resident’s perspective. I love what this organization does for the communities they’re in, and I wanted to be a part of that. It allows me to start a new chapter in my relationship with the NBA, and to get a little more hands-on with the broader work they’re doing.

The NBA’s vision statement is “creating communities of compassion and care.” What does that mean to you?

The work that the NBA does is vital to our society. Assisting nonprofits across the country in the work they do is one crucial way that they provide health and social services. When the NBA helps another organization, the work they do becomes that much more visible. People who may have never heard of their work, or even knew the work was needed, now know. These nonprofits, whether starting out or already established, can now be present in their communities to help the people who need them most. There is now a window in that community for compassion and care to be shared.