Ms. Cindy Kim Hengst

Cindy Kim Hengst currently serves as the Chair of the National Benevolent Association’s Board of Trustees. She currently resides in the western suburbs of Chicago and has been an active member of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) for more than 20 years. She has been active with Disciples in a variety of ways, including with NAPAD, Global Ministries, and with local regional ministries. She enjoys experiencing the world anew through the eyes of her young child and all the joys (and woes) that brings. She look forward to the work that serving on the NBA Board of Trustees will bring to her life and to the lives of those we serve.

Why did you say “yes” to the NBA Board of Trustees?

Having worked in various cancer centers for over 10 years, I always felt fulfilled in serving and meeting the needs of others; both from a patient care and an administrative perspective. Since having left my professional world to be at home to raise our daughter, I’ve intentionally sought out opportunities and ways to continue to impact others. For the last five years, this has been fulfilled by serving on the Cancer Survivors’ Day Board of the Western Suburbs of Chicago; annually serving 300+ survivors and their families.

In my continued search to make an impact, I have been invited to serve on the NBA Board of Trustees. This opportunity is yet another door being opened for me to serve others not only in my own community, but a larger community.  I look forward to the work and joys that being on this team will bring to the life of others and myself.

The NBA’s vision statement is “creating communities of compassion and care.” What does this mean to you?

To me, “creating communities of compassion and care,” means that I, as a member of the NBA Board of Trustees, am seeking discernment and making decisions that would positively impact the lives of many. And that through those decisions and the work of NBA, that lives would be impacted forever.