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The NBA's mission of compassion and care is grounded in our faithful understanding of community. We thrive on collaboration and partnership. We invite you to be involved!


Be Involved with a Disciples Health and Social Service Ministry in your Area

Are you looking for information about a Disciples-related health and social service ministry in your area? Have some time and want to see what volunteer opportunities might be available? Are you a small group leader in your church and seeking to plan for a mission and outreach opportunity?

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Become Part of the NBA Incubate Initiative

Part of NBA's mission is to partner with and empower new Disciples-led health and social service ministries in order to strengthen and grow their effectiveness and impact. We seek to collaborate, support, and incubate.

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Connect with the Mental Health Initiative

As the health and social service general ministry of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), the NBA takes seriously its call to create communities of compassion and care. In doing so, the NBA has been called to engage in dialogue and action centered on issues related to mental health.

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Join our Network of Disciples Health and Social Service Ministries

“We want to bring together social service advocates and care providers so that may be connected with one another and increase their leverage and impact in the care and services they provide each day" - Mark D. Anderson, NBA President

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