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NBA XPLOR is a faith-based, 10-month Residency for 21- to 30-year-olds exploring the intersections between the life of faith and the work of justice. Through NBA XPLOR, young adults partner with Disciples congregations, regional and general ministries, and the communities in which they serve - living out NBA's vision of creating communities of compassion and care.

Four Cornerstones of NBA XPLOR

Community Engagement and Justice Work
* Have you been wondering how to make a greater impact for good?
Connect the life of faith to the work of justice in your day-to-day life.

Spiritual Deepening and Vocational Discernment
* What is it that God and your heart are calling you to do?
Say yes to new ways of living into God's dreams for your life.

Leadership Development
* What do you need to know to do what you need to do?
Claim and hone your strengths for personal, spiritual, and professional leadership.

Simple Living in Intentional Community
* How do I learn to live with what I need, not with all that I want?
* How does living in community shape my answers and my practice?
Experience sharing resources and making decisions in a household community of faith.

NBA XPLOR is fully committed to a solid foundation of anti-racism and anti-oppression work. The XPLOR Cornerstones help Residents and host teams to engage practices of full inclusion and to celebrate diversity.

Who is a good candidate for NBA XPLOR?

NBA XPLOR candidates include young adults (21- to 30-years-old) who want their lives to make a positive difference – but they may not be certain what steps to take in that direction. Maybe they have finished an undergraduate degree, but classroom education wasn’t enough to make their path clear. Maybe they are feeling a call to ministry of one sort or another, but going to seminary or pursuing a not-for-profit or social work degree seems premature. Can they find deep fulfillment in a secular field? Maybe they started work right out of high school and they want a “restart” that affords time to really consider how they want to engage in the world.

Residents come to us with one thing in common: they need some focused time to figure out their wisest way forward. NBA XPLOR provides opportunity to take some “in-between” time to learn and to reflect on what’s next.

This program may give preference to Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and United Church of Christ candidates. As space permits, NBA XPLOR will gladly welcome others who seek a faith-based, congregationally hosted, intentional-community experience.

We ask you to please read the supplemental information packet before you complete your application. A survey of "Resident Readiness" is included.

Apply to become an NBA XPLOR Resident in 2019-20!

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Art work done in quarantine by Marissa Bucklew, XPLORmore Resident

Artistic Expression as a Form of Resilience

July 02, 2020

As part of the XPLOR response to the novel Coronavirus, we asked the residents if they would be willing to express themselves creatively as a way to navigate their feelings as in adapting to life under social distancing before their Residency ended in May.

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Bonnie Osei-Frimpong

Director of NBA XPLOR

Ben Bohren

Mission Specialist, NBA XPLOR

Virzola Law

Mission Specialist, NBA XPLOR