2017 Hope for the Holidays and Winter Seasons of Our Lives

So often, the holiday buzz tends to distract us from our pains and concerns. However, the months of winter tend to bring them all back up again without much support. The hope for this Mental Health Initiative campaign is to help others hear and see testimonies that are similar to theirs as they face the holidays and winter season ahead.

With this holiday season already showing to be more challenging than most, we want to offer honest, practical, and genuine hope about issues not often talked about during the holiday season, and extend these reflections through the winter for those who seem to feel most alone during this time.

We invite you to visit this page from December through February for weekly posts from Disciples across the life of the church! We are grateful for everyone sharing here, and pray these perspectives can help bring hope during the holidays and winter seasons of our lives. 

Hope for the Holidays

Angela Whitenhill, M.Div., LCSW
NBA Mental Health Initiative Manager

Video: Angela Whitenhill Video: Angela Whitenhill

Tis the Season To be Depressed: How to Shake the Holiday Blues
Rev. Mary Alice Do
Disciples Minister, Author

"Too often, we hide our depression because we don’t want to bring others down, especially during this season. We end up struggling alone when there are actually many people hiding their depression. Barbara Key Lundblad suggests a Triple-A approach, and I try to follow it: Admit my feelings; Ask for help; Accompany one another."


Amor a la Distancia: Feeling Close While Far Away During the Holidays
Nancy Cordova
Mental Health Educator, Recording Artist

Video: Nancy CordovaVideo: Nancy Cordova



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