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Following the fatal shooting of young adult Michael Brown on August 9, 2014, by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson, several Disciples clergy and laypersons joined many others in community responses for justice in Ferguson and beyond. In cooperation with other Disciples, the National Benevolent Association (NBA) has supported efforts for justice and racial reconciliation in the St. Louis area by promoting and facilitating conversation, gathering, advocacy, and healing.

This documentary, Injustice Anywhere, arose in the midst of collective conversations and work of several expressions of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), including key activist clergy and laypersons in the St. Louis area; the Christian Church of Mid-America; the Office of the General Minister and President; Reconciliation Ministry; Week of Compassion; Higher Education and Leadership Ministries; the National Convocation; and the National Benevolent Association (NBA), as well as Metropolitan Congregations United.

The NBA commissioned this gathering of stories after the death of Michael Brown in August 2014 on behalf of local Disciples seeking to respond to the crisis. The viewpoints presented here reflect a story of collective experiences from individuals impacted by the events in Ferguson and do not necessarily represent the views of these supporting organizations.

About the Film: Injustice Anywhere

Filmmaker Aziza Binti describes the documentary as such:

"While some members of the St. Louis-area Disciples of Christ struggle with how to participate in the social justice movement, others are deeply involved yet wonder why others are not. This film seeks to provide solutions, ideas, and compassion for Disciples to see just how valuable their efforts can be, even on a small scale. 

Social justice is not just "their" problem; it's everyone's concern. We reference the quote from the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.--'Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere'--to open the film and begin speaking with members of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) about their understanding that this is indeed everyone's issue--especially those who are truly Disciples of Christ."

Local Disciples Move Forward with Injustice Anywhere Film

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The Disciples clergy involved with this documentary have provided study guide materials to help facilitate viewing and discussion of Injustice Anywhere with your congregation or community. Download the Study Guide >>

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Local Disciples are coordinating screening events across the country. If you are interested in attending or hosting a screening, please complete the form below, noting the location of your choice. 

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If you are interested in hosting a screening, please review the complete Injustice Anywhere Screening Packet for requirements and additional information, and submit the form below. If you need the Screening Packet materials separately to prepare for your screening, you may also download them here.

If you will not have an internet connection at your screening, you may request a DVD by emailing Kara Whitehouse in the NBA office. 

For other questions or more information, please contact Rev. Dr. Dietra Wise Baker, Organizing Specialist, Ferguson Justice Initiative, or complete the form below. Thank you for your interest!

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VIDEO: "Injustice Anywhere" Film Trailer
VIDEO: Rev. Derrick Perkins, "Injustice Anywhere"
VIDEO: Rev. Dr. Jeff Moore, "Injustice Anywhere"
VIDEO: Amy Hunter, "Injustice Anywhere"
VIDEO: "Injustice Anywhere" Film
Peaceful protest of the Stockley verdict in St. Louis, by Mark D. Anderson.

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