Webinar: Mental Health, the Criminal Justice System, and the Church

This webinar was the first in a mini-series of joint webinars offered by both the NBA Mental Health and Congregational Care and NBA Prison and Jail Ministries Affinity Groups, addressing various issues related to the complex and longstanding relationship between prison and mental health.

Webinar: Perfect Love Casts Out All Fear: Mental Health, the Criminal Justice System, and the Church

With the recent rise in mass shootings and debates over gun laws, many of us have been thinking differently about mental health and the criminal justice system--which have had a deep-seated relationship in our country. This webinar will shed light on the complex relationship between mental health and the criminal justice system, describe justice issues connected to this relationship, and set the groundwork for the church to think differently about our response to, and relationship with, the prison population.

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VIDEO WEBINAR: Mental Health, the Criminal Justice System, and the Church

NBA Prison & Jail Ministries 

Through NBA Prison and Jail Ministries, we focus on supporting congregations and individuals as they engage in prison- and jail-related ministries, and connecting conversations across Disciples-related ministries in order to strengthen this work.

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NBA Mental Health Initiative

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