Apply to be a 2019-20 NBA XPLOR Resident

Thank you for your interest in becoming a 2019-20 NBA XPLOR Resident! Following is information that will be helpful in your application process.

The NBA XPLOR Residency provides young adults the opportunity to explore their vocation; develop professional skills while working with direct-service organizations; live simply in diverse, intentional community; and promote leadership within Disciples congregations and ministries.

Please review the NBA XPLOR Supplemental Information packet before you begin your online application. 

Should you have any questions during your application process, please contact us!
Email us at xplor@nbacares.org or phone Bonnie at (314) 993-9000 ext. 3368 OR 
Ben at (925) 895-5287. 

Our 2019-20 NBA XPLOR online application is available at the link below: 

Begin your 2019-20 NBA XPLOR application now!

Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you!

VIDEO: 2018-19 NBA XPLOR Residents

They Completely Accepted and Cared for Me

May 15, 2019

Mady McColm, NBA XPLOR 2018-19 Resident, says, "People talk a big game about discipleship and “changing the world”. Sometimes, I think of making an impact as making global changes, single-handedly fixing the system, or sticking it to “the man”. But here in St. Louis, this congregation is actually changing the world, or at least changing my world."

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