Grieving Well: Addressing Grief and Depression for Clergy and Leaders

Join NBA’s Mental Health & Wellness Director Joselyn Spence and NBA’s Interim XPLOR/Young Adult Leadership Development Coordinator Rev. Rae Karim as they talk through grief strategies for clergy members. During this webinar, we will explore the foundations of grief: what we grieve, how we grieve, and the ways we can grieve well. We will also explore best practices for grief support.


Rev. Rae Karim is NBA’s Interim XPLOR/Young Adult Leadership Development Coordinator. She is a thought leader, with a gift for words, who pours lived experience into her work. She is a dynamic speaker and sought-after writer who empowers and transforms lives. She’s committed to ensuring her work ignites courage on purpose for a purpose. 


Joselyn Spence

Joselyn Spence serves as the Director of the NBA’s Mental Health & Wellness Initiative. She is passionate about mental health care, holistic wellness, communal care ethics, and spirituality. As a holistic wellness specialist, she has worked at the intersection of these passions to develop research and provide empathic care to all she is called to serve.

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