Just Food Kitchen Internships

University Place Christian Church, Champaign, IL

University Place Christian Church's weekly community dinner, year-round food pantry, community nutrition education and to-go meals for the homeless are now combined as "Just Food Ministries @ UniPlace." They have also expanded their food justice work by adding paid kitchen internships for high school students and a grade school culinary program.

They are partnering with the DREAAM House program (Driven to Reach Excellence in Academic Achievement for Males), a targeted ministry to create a preschool to provost pipeline, increasing the high school graduation rates in at-risk neighborhoods near the church. The church's campus proximity provides a great location for this grade school program to launch weekly field trips teaching the boys they belong at the university. These grade school boys will be provided nutrition and food-prep training under the mentorship of the high school interns. 

Mission Category: At-Risk Children and Youth

Innovation Grant: US $6,000