Disciples Personal Care Pantry

First Christian Church Burkburnett, TX

The Disciples Personal Care Pantry (a ministry of First Christian Church of Burkburnett Texas) is a non-profit pantry that provides cleaning products, toiletries and personal items, and household supplies that cannot be purchased with government-issued EBT cards to members of the community and other areas of the Burkburnett Independent School  District.

Our church believes in providing individuals the tools needed to unlock their own unique potential and God-given talents. Since cleanliness and hygiene are necessary to self esteem – they are necessary ingredients to their success. we develop and promote a sense of self-respect and confidence. In a society which emphasizes selfishness and independence, we find strength and hope in unity, serving one another with mutual respect and admiration.

Mission Area: Intergenerational - At-Risk Children and Youth, Older Adults

Innovation Grant: US $5,000