Health and Wellness for Seniors through Technology

Bethel Christian Church, Jonesborough, TN

Health and Wellness for Seniors through Technology is designed to improve the lives of seniors through the use of technology. One -on- one training for seniors interested in learning more about technology will be provided. It is our goal that these seniors will begin to incorporate computers (tablets) into their lives for social interactions while improving their cognition, mental agility, and even their physical health. The training will consist of weekly classes and at other times, by phone as needed. Class attendance is required.  Students will interact with their classmates and the instructor online. Thy will post online over the course of the project to become familiar with social media. This is one example of type of training we will do.   

In addition, other areas of instruction include:

  • Basics of computer technology
  • Social media (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.)
  • Video chatting
  • Health tracking software
  • Accessing video / computer games
  • Brain fitness apps
  • Web surfing
  • Video / audio media (e.g., music, movies)
  • Information and educational resources

Computer tablets and a training guide will be provided. The project will also cover the cost of Internet access.

Mission Area: Older Adults

Catalyst Grant: US $3,000


2019 NBA Mission and Ministry Grant Program

NBA will begin receiving applications in June 2019 for Disciples congregations and health and social service ministries interested in an NBA Mission and Ministry Grant.

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