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Lake Ozark Christian Church

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1560 Bagnell Dam Blvd.
Lake Ozark, Missouri 65049

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2018-19 Mission & Ministry Grant

Ministries With Older Adults

Last year, Lake Ozark Christian Church participated in a Ministries With Older Adults event funded by a Rickman Legacy Grant. There they gained momentum and inspiration for their own seniors’ ministry. They realize that their investment of time, presence and place can be increased exponentially were they to be a catalyst to expand the effort to guide and nurture congregations in developing their own ministries with older adults. More older adults would become leaders and advocates by sharing their challenges and wisdom. The grant from NBA will allow 4 to 6 more congregations to become engaged in a unique goal-setting process of awareness, assessment, alternatives and action planning created by Jan Aerie, MS, gerontologist and ministry facilitator. Jan has been an integral force in designing and implementing mission outreach with and for older adults in seven churches in two years. This project will utilize her expertise to broaden the circle of congregations; establish individual congregational program initiatives, and develop a collaborative network for mutual ideas, support and evaluation. Programs and plans developed by the participating congregations will be compiled as an e-resource and shared throughout the Mid-America Region. To maximize resources and deepen commitment, participating churches will be asked to contribute $150 to help offset the cost of the events.


  • November – Publicize the NBA grant and invite participating churches
  • January – Communicate with church teams and plan logistics
  • February – Orientation via teleconferencing
  • March – Day-long Event #1: Awareness – becoming attuned to the needs and gifts of elders; Assessment – identifying needs and services within church/community
  • April – Consultation/support via teleconferencing
  • May – Event #2: Alternatives – sharing outreach options and feasible approaches; Action – designing action plans to be implemented in the autumn
  • June-August – Consultation/support via teleconferencing
  • September – Commission of teams and implementation of ministries
  • October – Workshop presentation at Regional Assembly
  • November – Event #3: Evaluation, report

Mission Area: Older Adults

Innovation Grant: US $7,900