Young Change Makers

Community of Just Love, Houston, TX

Young Change Makers is a ministry outreach of Just Love Church, designed to prepare local low-income, high school seniors on the margins, for a self-sufficient future that will allow for economic and political parity. The objectives of this ministry include college and vocational preparation, financial empowerment, enhanced civic participation and the work of managing responsible adult lives.These goals will be acheived by implementing the second year of their seminar curriculum. The scope of topics include addressing LGBTQ racial, ethnic, and religious diversities, developing the art of public speaking and advocacy, skills-building for financial literacy such as best practices for managing money, exposing predatory lending, and how to manage credit to name only a few. They also seek to educate on how government and legislation works and ways that people and the general citizenry can influence change. They will develop young people's general life skills such as writing resumes and cover letters, to reviewing and signing leases for rental or buying property. They will role-play interview skills during a job search. They seek to also emphasize the importance of giving back to others through service projects in the community. Members of Just Love Church say their faith calls them to proclaim the gospel that lifts up all those who are being oppressed. The community is living into this gospel by building relationships with high school students and offering a host of Saturday seminars to expose societal issues that impact the community and the youth, while providing tools to counteract the systemic trends from repeating.

Mission Category: Intergenerational - At-Risk Children and Youth, Older Adults

Innovation Grant: US $10,000