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Our video blog, NBA Stories, is a new way for you to connect with us! Here, we will share about events we host, projects and ministries that are transforming lives, and individuals who are doing amazing work! We plan to share a new episode every two weeks. Subscribe to our YouTube channel, check out the variety of videos on the channel, and learn more and support NBA ministries!

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Episode 14: Helping our friends at QC Family Tree 

In October, a fire occurred on NBA Incubate partner QC Family Tree's campus. Executive Vice President Rebecca Hale explains how you can help and XPLORmore Residents Mady and Marissa give us a tour of QCFT's campus.

For more info on how you can help QCFT in the wake of this accident, visit

Episode 13: The Impact of the Prison and Jail Ministry Peer Group 

In September, the NBA's Prison and Jail Peer Group traveled to Arizona for an educational event centered on equipping leaders to faithfully challenge racism and systemic oppression. The event was called Intersections and Applications. Watch group member, Rev. Cierria Price Hanes, talk about the impact the peer group has had on herself personally and her church.

Episode 12: 2019 SENT Seminar Recap 

In September, we welcomed 15 new cohorts into the 2019 SENT Seminar program. While in Arizona, we spoke with a few of them about the impact the three-day experience had on the non-profit they are bringing to life. Watch their responses in this months NBA Stories Vlog.

Episode 11: Executive Leaders Peer Group 

This episode features NBA Director of Connect Ministries Monica Wedlock Kilpatrick and NBA Peer Group Convener Mark Palmer as they reflect on the Nonprofit Executive Leaders peer group and a trip they took earlier this year to Austin, Texas.

Episode 10: General Assembly Recap

In this episode of our NBA Stories vlog, we share a snippet of our time at the 2019 General Assembly in Des Moines, Iowa.

Episode 9: Dallas XPLOR House Takeover 

Our three Dallas XPLOR residents, Erin Gresham, Jemima Suwa, and Neo Uesi, reflect on their time during the 10-month program and share what they have learned and the impact that has been made.

Episode 8: NBA All-Staff Work and Play Days

NBA staff recently gathered in St. Louis for our twice-a-year All-Staff Meeting. We call these meetings “Work and Play Days”, which are great opportunities to get important work done together in person, as well as a chance for some team building and having a little fun. 

Episode 7: Prison and Jail Ministries Peer Group 

NBA Prison and Jail Ministries Peer Group Convener, Rev. Tiffany Curtis, shares updates on the current cohort and offers thanks to friends and supporters of NBA ministries.

Episode 6: Choosing to Give 

In this episode of NBA Stories, Rev. April Lewton and Mark D. Anderson discuss some factors that help create a sense of connection for them to certain nonprofits, motivating them to participate, engage, and support those organizations.

Episode 5: Rest and Renewal in Community 

This episode covers our 2019 annual Incubate Retreat. Once a year, we take a group of social entrepreneurs of faith out to Paradise Valley in Arizona, reminding and emphasizing the importance of rest and renewal.

Episode 4: Introducing Garden of Eden Health Center 

NBA Incubate Program Associate Larry J. Morris III went to Puerto Rico to celebrate with our new Incubate partner, Garden of Eden Health Center, at their groundbreaking event!

Episode 3: Small Nonprofits, Big Plans

NBA Director of Development Jordan Bles accompanied six NBA ministry partners to a course on fundraising for small nonprofits, offered through the Fund Raising School at the Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy.

Episode 2: Real Chaplains of the Christian Church 

Recognizing the need within our Disciples chaplain community, NBA decided to offer a specialized peer group for Disciples chaplains to get the much needed pastoral, emotional and self-care they deserve. This episode covers the first face-to-face gathering of the group.

Episode 1: Announcing NBA Stories, our new Vlog!

Launching a new way for you to connect with us through a video blog, NBA Stories, where we will share about events we host, projects and ministries that are transforming lives, and individuals who are doing amazing work!

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Ben Bohren

Mission Specialist, NBA XPLOR

CCH builds and operates affordable senior housing with supportive services across the country.

Art work done in quarantine by Marissa Bucklew, XPLORmore Resident

Artistic Expression as a Form of Resilience

July 02, 2020

As part of the XPLOR response to the novel Coronavirus, we asked the residents if they would be willing to express themselves creatively as a way to navigate their feelings as in adapting to life under social distancing before their Residency ended in May.

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The Prison Abolition Movement: Eliminating the Prison Industrial Complex

July 16, 2020

The Prison Abolition Movement has many facets worth exploring. Dr. Jason Williams, Assistant Professor, Justice Studies at Montclair State University will lead this important webinar and discussion as the church explores alternatives to our broken corrections system.

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