Good Life Care Resource Center

Los Angeles , California

Founded in 2018, in Los Angeles, California, Good Life Care Resource Center (GLCRC) was created to support immigrant and low-income families. The organization is supporting these communities in a variety of ways including providing free daycare, preschool and afterschool programming for children; offering Spanish and Korean translation services for families looking for support in the city; and transportation services for those in needs.

The center is led by Rev. Hyo-Cheol Kim, who founded the organization after having trouble navigating systems and finding resources for his family after immigrating from Seoul, South Korea. “Los Angeles is one of the most economically challenging cities to live in. Our mission is to provide resources for low income and single-parent households. Many people who need help don't know about the resources [the city] can provide for them, or just might not know where to start,” he explains. “We understand that Los Angeles is a very diverse city, and language is a common barrier when it comes to communication, that’s why we have a translator if needed as well as transportation within most of our programs.”

To date, GLCRC has served more than 2,400 children in their Saturday Korean Language School, 1,500 children in their after school week day program and more than 350 adults and seniors have benefited from the mental health resources they’ve been able to connect them to in the community.

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Good Life Care Resource Center was established in 2018 in Los Angelos, California.

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