Yakama Christian Mission

White Swan, WA

Disciples of Christ began providing services on the Yakama Reservation in 1921. The values of the Yakama Christian Mission have change over the last 90+ years; however, at the core, the Mission has advocated for better health, education, housing, and diet for the Yakama people.

Today, the Mission works hard to bring greater awareness to the struggles and hurt indigenous people know throughout North America (including Canada, Alaska, and Hawaii), Central America, and South America. Working to enhance justice and freedom for indigenous people, Yakama Christian Mission provides workshops on indigenous justice, the Christian Doctrine of Discovery, and theology of the landscape. Additionally, spring break and summer workgroups are welcomed to the Yakama Nation for Learning and Serving trips, where local work is done to better life on the reservation, and learning is done to bring about Native and Land justice. 

Contact the Mission if you are interested in having a representative visit your area to speak about indigenous issues of justice concerning culture, economics, and race.

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Contact Info
David Bell, Minister for Indigenous Peoples Concerns
Contact via Email
(509) 969-2093