Videos from Grantees Show the Nationwide Impact of the COVID-19 NBA Response Grants

To offer a rapid and impactful response to the Coronavirus pandemic, the NBA Board of Trustees authorized grant funding to support Disciples-related ministries that are working locally in response to this crisis in March. With this funding, NBA seeks to offer relief to ministries that have been detrimentally impacted and to support new projects created in service to those suffering because of the pandemic.

While Cycle Three is underway and we are accepting applications, grant recipients from Cycle One and Two have shared with us in stories, videos and photos the impact these grants have made of their ministries. Below are four organizations that received funding from NBA in Cycle One. Each organization has shared a video highlighting the work they are able to continue doing in their community, even in the midst of a global pandemic.

UniPlace Christian Church—Champaign-Urbana, Illinois 

For the last seven years, UniPlace Christian Church in Champaign Urbana, Illinois has hosted a hot meal service once a week. These meals have served community members and college students alike. When COVID-19 made it impossible for them to continue this in person weekly meal service, they immediately pivoted. Over night, they switched from a dine-in model that served 100 meals a night to a drive through model that allowed them to serve 300 meals a night. Learn more about UniPlace’s impact by watching the video below.

Unleashing Potential—St. Louis, Missouri

When the pandemic began and stay at home orders were announced for the state of Missouri, Unleashing Potential knew they had to shift their mode of providing learning opportunities to children. Their goal was to continue encourage creativity and show students that learning could happen anywhere. They did this in a variety of ways—by delivering activity kits to families across the city, connecting via phone and video chat and through video learning sessions, that walked children through how to garden, and learning about nature.

Nashville Food Project —Nashville, Tennessee 

The Nashville Food Project was born from the idea that all people should have access to the food they want and need. Their mission is to bring people together to grow, cook and share nourishing food, with the goals of cultivating community and alleviating hunger in our city. Due to the Pandemic, they had to pivot their programs slightly and were able to do so quickly and seamlessly with a COVID-19 NBA Response Grant. In addition to recivning a response grant from NBA, Nashville Food Project recieved at Mission & Ministry Grant from NBA in 2018-19.

UrbanMission Community Partners — Pomona, California

In addition to being a COVID-19 NBA Response Grant recipient, UMCP is an NBA Incubate Partner. In the midst of COVID-19, UMCP decided to run an emergency relief program using the food that they have been growing in their farm. The program gathers fresh fruit, vegetables and other grocery staples and delivers them to families in South Pomona.

Marginalia Meal Program — Nampa, Idaho

The Marginalia Meal program is run out of First Christian Church of Nampa. The program was created with just $35 and has grown into movement of volunteers who pack meals together for homeless and disadvantaged individuals in the city of Nampa. When the Coronavirus forced their eat-in program to end, volunteers and members of First Christian Church shifted to create drive-through, pick-up and delivery options for members of the community who would otherwise go without food.

The Devoted Life — Mt. Holly, North Carolina

The Devoted Life is a ministry that provides spiritual direction, pastoral counseling and clergy support. When the pandemic hit, the organizations director, Rev. Dr. Dara Cobb Lewis leaned into her work as a spiritual counselor and started weekday web show called “The Midday Reset,” a 10-15 minute Facebook live where Lewis shares a scripture, a song and an encouraging word for those who are struggling during this time. Below is a recent episode Lewis’ show.

Rebuilding Broken Places Community Development Corp. — Goldsboro, North Carolina

Rebuilding Broken Places, a ministry of Greenleaf Christian Church, has a summer program that feeds more than 400 students each year from June through August. When the pandemic hit and schools in the community began to shut down, RBP saw the opportunity to feed children who would no longer be receiving lunch at school. Since the pandemic began, they have delivered 320 meals a day on average.

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