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In a time when the world feels divided and there is so much hurt and anger, Chalice Press aims to put content into the world that is vibrant and energizing, a serves as a worldwide force for justice, peace, and multi-faith cooperation.

Chalice Press partners with the prophets of the 21st Century to share good news. Their authors live and work at the intersection of faith and justice. They represent and lift up the voices from the margins. They’re passionate, courageous and inspiring. They’re world-changers.

To spread the words of their authors, Chalice Press will provide you a free copy of a Disciples Change Makers book entitled Disciples Want to Change the World and So Do We. The book feature excerpts from the ministry’s most popular titles. It includes the following chapters:

• A Handbook for Today’s Disciples in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Fifth Edition – D. Duane Cummins
• Available Hope – Julie E. Richardson
• Better – Melvin Bray
• Birthed – Elizabeth Hagan
• Community of Prayer – Bruce Barkhauer
• Faithful Families – Traci Smith
• Holy Currencies – Eric H.F. Law
• Holy Currency Exchange – Eric H.F. Law
• Made to Lead – Nicole Massie Martin
• Nobody Cries When We Die – Patrick B. Reyes
• Organizing Church – Tim Conder and Dan Rhodes
• Preaching Politics – Clay Stauffer
• Reaching People under 30 while Keeping People over 60 – Edward H. Hammett
• Stakes Is High – Michael W. Waters
• Tactful Advice for Calling Your Next Pastor – Gary Straub
• Transforming Communities – Sandhya Rani Jha