NBA Hosts Wellness Seminar with Pacific Southwest Region African American Convocation

Pacific Southwest Region African American Convocation Pacific Southwest Region African American Convocation

In March, the Mental Health Initiative team held The Pacific Southwest Clergy Wellness Seminar. This two-day seminar was presented by Rev. Angela Whitenhill, the Mental Health Initiatives Manager for the National Benevolent Association.

The event was co-sponsored by the Pacific Southwest Region (PSWR) African-American Convocation and NBA and held at Abundant Life Christian Church in Los Angeles, California. The seminar was designed for clergy and lay leaders to consider ways to navigate clergy work/life stress and to achieve balance and wellness for the long haul of their vocation.

It turned out to be a very powerful intergenerational dialogue of clergy health and wellness. There were just under 50 clergy and lay leaders registered, all of whom were African American. The current president of the PSWR Convocation, Bishop Larry Taylor, pastor of Faith Christian Church, was in attendance as well as Dr. Joanne Bynum, the Associate Regional Minister for the PSWR. Out of the nine congregations affiliated with the PSWR, eight were represented as well as four local Disciples related ministries.

The seminar provided an opportunity for self-reflection in order to examine the unique challenges of those in ministry. Additionally, it addressed the importance of being intentional about self-care and mental health and the negative consequences we suffer when we neglect these aspects of our lives.

Due to an overwhelming demand for Rev. Whitenhill’s return, the region hopes to present this seminar again in the very near future! If you are interested in joining the work the MHI is doing, please fill out a Resource Task Team Interest Form for information about our next meeting!

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