Webinar: Immigration, Children and Trauma

The effects of immigration on families and children go far beyond the physical, legal and political realities played on main stream media today. The mental health and wellbeing of Immigrant families, especially children, are largely ignored or underestimated. This webinar will explore the psychological, emotional and spiritual effects of trauma on the lives of the children experiencing the border crisis. We will review the current policies regarding immigrants and families, learn what’s really happening at the southern U.S. border, and hear real stories of what is happening and what the church can do to respond. What should we do as Disciples of Christ?

Webinar Panelists

Dr. Carlos J. Correa Bernier, Professor of Religion Psychology; Professor of Family & Marriage Therapy, Pacific School of Religion

For the past three decades, Dr. Carlos J. Correa Bernier has been dedicated to integrating his skills as a family and marriage therapist, author, consultant, theologian, radio personality and public speaker, becoming one of the leading figures in the fields of family systems, psychology, violent behaviors, and spiritual development. As an academic and researcher, he works in the integration of psychology and theology and attributes having started the conversation about the psychology of religion in Latin America. His pedagogical style, have been welcomed and celebrated in countries of Latin America, the Caribbean, Asia, and Europe. Dr. Correa Bernier is the founding president of the Family Institute, a graduate institution offering master’s and doctoral programs in the field of family and marriage therapy, violent behaviors and psychiatric epidemiology.