Angela Whitenhill

Mental Health Initiative Manager

Ms. Angela Whitenhill serves as the Mental Health Initiative Manager. She is an innovative family and children’s therapist, as well as a licensed minister with experience in the mental health field and higher education, with proven success in interdisciplinary program development, bridge building, and organizational leadership.

As a licensed clinical social worker, Angela specializes in general trauma, religious trauma, identity issues, self esteem issues, child attachment, adoption, and parenting issues. She served as a chaplain and therapist at Tennyson Center for Children, where she helped create one of the nation’s few spiritually integrated residential treatment programs. She has created and facilitated multiple training workshops on therapeutic intervention and cultural competence within the social work field, and has developed curriculum for the University of Denver’s Graduate School of Social Work, where she serves as an adjunct faculty member.

Angela is a clergy activist, community organizer, and faith community justice educator, and she is known for organizing in such a way that pays close attention to the nuanced intersections of social identity, religious belief, and mental health. Active in her congregation, Covenant Christian Church Disciples of Christ, Angela co-leads a community bible study at a local bar, Open Table: Bible, Beer and Community.

A graduate of the University of Denver and Union Theological Seminary in New York City, Angela holds two master's degrees—a Master of Divinity and a Master of Social Work—and earned a Certificate in Marriage and Family Therapy from the Denver Family Institute, where she also served as a psychotherapist at the institute’s community clinic.

Getting to Know Angela

NBA’s vision statement is “creating communities of compassion and care.” What does this mean to you?
It seems as if community has been the tangible medium in which God’s spirit entered my life. And I’ve come to learn, through transparent, authentic community, the very essence of God’s own heart. So I think it means that we are committed to creating spaces and moments for God’s spirit to enter this world and allow Christ, Emmanuel, to dwell among us…which is pretty cool.

What do you do outside of work?
Besides trying to find any excuse to get to the beach, I love soaking up all forms of art and physical activity. My favorites are live music, dancing, painting, and playing soccer.

What are you known for?
Ha Ha Ha…my hugs. I love hugs…it's true. And people say I give good ones, so you know, I feel it’s my civic duty to not disappoint!

The last time I laughed out loud…
When I was with my brothers, Roger and Chris Whitenhill. They have that random, clever humor that you don’t see coming until it hits. And no matter how serious you are trying to be…even if you're mad, you have to laugh. It’s great! They help me not take myself, or things, too seriously.

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