Ben Bohren

Mission Specialist, NBA XPLOR

Rev. Dr. H. Ben Bohren is a Mission Specialist for NBA XPLOR. In September 2016, Ben will celebrate 50 years in ministry - and still going strong! Over those years so far:

  • Ben served 8 years as Regional Minister-President of the Christian Church of Northern California-Nevada;
  • Nearly 8 years as the Director of Church Relations for the National Benevolent Association;
  • 10 years as Director of Church Relations at Chapman University in Orange, CA;
  • 20 years in pastoral ministry as Senior Minister at First Christian Church, Orange, CA; pastor at First Christian Church, Lebanon, KY; and student minister at Wintergreen and Beech Grove Christian Churches, Nelson County, VA;
  • Enroute to his D. Min degree, his education comes from Lynchburg College, Lexington Theological Seminary, and School of Theology at Claremont;
  • Ben has served as chair and member of the General Commission on Ministry; member of the Executive Committee of the College of Regional Ministers; member of the Administrative Committee of the General Board and currently serves a vice-chair of the Disciples Seminary Foundation Board and member of the HELM Board.

In retirement in Palm Springs, Ben continues ministry as a Mission Specialist Consultant for the NBA XPLOR program, with the joy of assisting in its formation, launching, and growth.

Getting to Know Ben

NBA's vision statement is “creating communities of compassion and care.” What does this mean to you?
It is exciting to see NBA comes alongside the whole church as well as give creative and inspiring leadership to what should be the passion and commitment of all Christians -- to share the love of Jesus and the grace of a justice-seeking God.

What do you do outside of work?
I love the gym, going to the movies, and the theater, and in retirement, far more time for dinner with family and friends.

What are you known for?
Probably my passion of working with youth and young adults throughout my entire 49 years of ministry.

The last time I laughed out loud...
I laugh out loud almost everyday; and in the privacy of my own living room, I dance and sing at the goodness of life.

Contact Info
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VIDEO: NBA XPLOR Overview 2015-16

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