Héctor J. Hernández

Connect Coordinator

Rev. Héctor J. Hernández now serves as a full-time Connect Coordinator, after previously serving in a contract capacity as Convener of the NBA Prison and Jail Ministries Peer Group and Hispanic Outreach Coordinator with the NBA Mental Health Initiative. In his new role as Connect Coordinator, Héctor will have greater responsibility for both mental health outreach with particular focus on Disciples Hispanic communities, and the coordination of NBA peer learning and wellness groups. Read more here >>

Héctor has been serving the Latino/Latina immigrant community of Indianapolis since 2009. He is an ordained minister of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) of the U.S. and Canada who served as interim solo pastor of Iglesia Nueva Creación (New Creation Hispanic Church) in the west side of Indianapolis. Héctor has a Master of Divinity and a Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy from the Christian Theological Seminary, and an undergraduate degree in Communications with a minor in Visual Arts. As an artist, clergy and immigrant, Héctor has been reflecting artistically and theologically on topics like immigration, the humanitarian crisis in our border, the unaccompanied Central America children, hope, and social justice.

Getting to know Héctor

Why do you feel "called to care" about Disciples health and social service ministry?

To me, faith without actions is incomplete, barren, and illusory. In the midst of all human brokenness, vulnerability, and needs, words are never enough, and the Gospel, the Good News, has to be enacted. I believe that as followers of Christ the Liberator, we are called to become, to live, and to embody God’s Creative Hope, as co-creators of the Realm of God, that begins here and know. NBA’s mission is centered on these principles and values, and that is why I love being part of this ministry. NBA engages, collaborates, and creates ways in which our denomination as a whole, can be inspired and moved into salvific actions, into new opportunities for creation. NBA also connects the different expressions of our church with ministry partners who are providing direct care to those in need every single day.

Who is a hero of yours, and why?

I have many, but if I have to choose one, I have to say it is Monseñor Óscar Arnulfo Romero. He was Archbishop of San Salvador who ended being assassinated while celebrating mass. Why he was assassinated, you ask? Because while others were quiet, and others chose to be blind to the horrors committed against the poor and the vulnerable masses, as a Priest, on the pulpit, and on the streets, he demanded justice and condemned the powerful and the oppressors. I heard of him when I was probably eleven years old, and his message, homilies, and theological reflections have become part of my own theology and ministries.

If I tried to find you in a supermarket, what aisle would you be in?

That’s simple, you will be able to find me in the coffee aisle. I will be there tasting different coffees! Wait, no… or maybe? I mean, it depends, do you know if I can taste different coffees in that supermarket? If there are no coffee samples in that aisle, then, go straight to the bakery section. I will be there trying to decide which and how many pastries I will be taking home. Although... what about the pizza aisle?

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2016-18 NBA Prison and Jail Ministries Peer Group

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