A Flower Blooms

Serena Satori   |   March 27, 2018

In September 2017, the NBA Incubate Initiative hosted the 2017 SENT Seminar: Equipping Social ENTrepreneurs for Leadership and Change, in Leavenworth, Kansas. Designed for Disciples and their leadership teams who are starting new health and social services ministries, the SENT Seminar covers the basics of nonprofit ministry startups, as well as skills for leadership and change in our global and faith communities. Serena Satori, Gaia's Garden Oasis Farm and Retreat Center, attended as a 2017 SENT Seminar Participant and shares this reflection.

Oh, the ebb and tide of emotions, they run deeper and deeper with every encounter… the reminders of yesterday, the feeling of loneliness, of hurt and of pain create a wall for the possibility of tender love. Sweet succulent love… the embrace of sweet innocence like the nectar of a flower freshly opened in the morn wet with dew drops awaiting the suns warmth. 

Morning brings a cloudy day; cloudy thoughts and the pedals fell to open as the rain moves in feeding the vitality of life that exist within the flower. The flower withdraws its pedals to keep from drowning as the wetness purifies her, refreshes her, and brings her the anticipation of a new day. A day to start anew, another day of hope as the clean refreshing rain washes away the remnants of yesterday’s chaotic encounter. 

The chaotic nature of the elements which surrounds her is a challenge to overcome, the past repeats itself as the flower remembers yesterday; she grows, overcoming the obstacles with grace; she blossoms, giving back the nourishment she has received from the rain and the sun to the surrounding environment. The harsh elements have been transformed into life giving sustenance.

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