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Give Me a Quiet Place

How to Plan a Retreat That’s Really Restful

Rev. Ayanna Johnson Watkins   |   April 24, 2018

Even while the world around us seems to be racing itself from one sensational, tragic, amazing thing to the next, perhaps a retreat is what we need.

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Social Entrepreneurs Gather at NBA Incubate Retreat

Rev. Ayanna Johnson Watkins   |   December 02, 2015

This year marked the NBA Incubate Initiative’s first retreat—designed to create intentional space for rest, renewal, and equipping for the ministry of social entrepreneurship.

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Honoring Earth Day

Rev. Ayanna Johnson Watkins   |   April 22, 2015

Happy Earth Day from the NBA! In the midst of all they do to serve people and communities, many of our NBA Incubate partners and friends deeply value our connection to the earth. Read more!

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Top 3 Reasons to be Inspired by NBA Incubate Projects

Rev. Ayanna Johnson Watkins   |   March 12, 2015

With the NBA Incubate Initiative, the NBA has the opportunity to partner with new and emerging health and social service ministries started by Disciples in order to support their growth in those critical early years. Here are 3 ways that we are inspired daily by the amazing work of these ministries and projects:

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A Labor of Love and Faith

Rev. Ayanna Johnson Watkins   |   October 01, 2014

The NBA collaborated with HOPE Partnership's, Leadership Academy, and hosted a learning track entitled "Social Entrepreneurs of Faith." Twelve Disciples clergy and laypersons, who have started or are considering starting ministry nonprofits with a focus on serving their wider communities, gathered for learning, inspiration, and community.

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Why Followers of Jesus Should Oppose Capital Punishment

May 26, 2021

Recently, there has been a rise in the number of executions of people on death row, particularly by the federal government. For decades, there have been debates over the use of capital punishment as a sentence for serious criminal offenses. What does the Bible say about capital punishment? Should followers of Jesus Christ, who was executed himself, oppose the use of capital punishment? Learn from a chaplain who has worked on death row in Florida for many years why followers of Jesus should be opposed to the use of capital punishment.

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Bere Gil Soto

Peer Learning and Wellness Group Co-Convener

For 40 years, Serra Center has been committed to providing compassionate care for individuals with developmental disabilities.