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Hearts for Care: Year-in-Review

Rev. Devon McAnally   |   February 08, 2016

Hearts for Care is a ministry of Disciples Retirement Community of Oklahoma (DRCO) in the Oklahoma Region. The ministry has experienced continued growth as word spreads of the work being done to assist individuals aging in place.

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DRCO: Working Alongside Congregations and Communities

Rev. Devon McAnally   |   August 25, 2014

The Disciples Retirement Community of Oklahoma (DRCO) focus is to care for senior adults throughout the Oklahoma region. Part of the focus involves the development of a new ministry that provides benevolent care to senior adults aging in their home by offering “presence and practical assistance.” It is a collaborative partnership working along side congregations and other community organizations. It is a volunteer based program that focuses on building multi-generational relationships through caring relationships that develop over time.

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C. Mark Palmer

Peer Group Convener

We are called to care for aging adults – spiritually, physically and mentally. We continually work to ensure the best possible quality of life for more than 180 individuals each day. Our focus is on healthy bodies, sharp minds and happy hearts!