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Disciples Women Connect at NBA Office Space

Pat Donahoo   |   August 18, 2015

The Executive Committee of Disciples Women began their term in October 2014 recognizing that they had some catching up to do to be prepared to lead women’s ministries for their term. After we visited the NBA’s new space earlier this year, Mark Anderson invited the Disciples Women team to meet in St. Louis. The welcome by the NBA was above and beyond any expectations, and the meeting space and arrangements inspired creativity and offered comfort.

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¿Cómo hacer frente durante momentos de Crisis o Trauma?

December 4, 2019

El mismo se centra en definir lo que es trauma y explorar sus efectos en nuestras vidas, congregaciones y comunidades. El seminario web también proporciona estrategias prácticas que cualquier pastor y congregación puede poner en práctica para el beneficio de su iglesia y comunidad.

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Angelica Santiago Gonzalez

Administrative Assistant, Operations

Manistee provides apartment home rentals for our low-income senior residents in a safe and caring environment where they can continue to age in place independently in an active senior community.