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Learning to Give

Ryan Felber   |   October 23, 2015

This year, 23 of us have committed to 10 months of simple living in NBA XPLOR—to a monthly stipend of $475/month. Let me tell you, that doesn’t go very far in Hollywood. And while, yes, my housing is taken care of, I still have expenses, and that money disappears quickly. And every month, as that money dwindles, I think of all the things I wanted to experience in California that I won’t be able to afford. Then something happens…something a little miraculous.

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Why Followers of Jesus Should Oppose Capital Punishment

May 26, 2021

Recently, there has been a rise in the number of executions of people on death row, particularly by the federal government. For decades, there have been debates over the use of capital punishment as a sentence for serious criminal offenses. What does the Bible say about capital punishment? Should followers of Jesus Christ, who was executed himself, oppose the use of capital punishment? Learn from a chaplain who has worked on death row in Florida for many years why followers of Jesus should be opposed to the use of capital punishment.

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C. Mark Palmer

Peer Group Convener

Yakama Christian Mission advocates and educates in favor of the North American Landscape and her Indigenous People.