Honoring Earth Day

Rev. Ayanna Johnson Watkins   |   April 22, 2015

Happy Earth Day from the NBA!

We will be known forever by the tracks we leave.
~ Dakota Proverb


In the midst of all they do to serve people and communities, many of our NBA Incubate partners and friends deeply value our connection to the earth.

StoneSoup Community Venture

StoneSoup Community Venture works in elementary school classrooms teaching children about the science and benefits of growing food themselves, working with the children via mobile demonstration gardens! SSCV also maintains a community garden on the campus of Disciples of Christ affiliated, Phillips Theological Seminary.

Gomer's House & QC Family Tree

Both Gomer’s House in Portland, OR, and QC Family Tree in Charlotte, NC, have gardens of their own where community members plant and reap the benefits of home-grown food. In addition, QC Family Tree co-founder Helms Jarrell took on a Lenten practice she called Within One Mile, where she committed to getting all her basic shopping done within one mile of her home in the Enderly Park neighborhood of Charlotte. Within One Mile, and the blog by the same name, allowed her to not only frequent local businesses more intentionally but also saved the environmental costs of longer commutes!

Oakland Peace Center

The Oakland Peace Center, directed by Rev. Sandhya Jha, has multiple partners whose work is directly connected to the sustainable use of earth’s resources and eco-friendly living. Explore the OPC website to learn more about these amazing partnerships!

Florida Christian Center in Jacksonville,  Juliette Fowler Communities, & Hiram Farm Living and Learning Community

We also lift up the permaculture project at the Florida Christian Center in Jacksonville, Florida, and the waist-high gardens that Juliette Fowler Communities has put in for easier access for their older adults. And, of course, our partners at Hiram Farm Living and Learning Community form their relationships with one another and their programs around agriculture, farm life, and the sustainability of the earth! Such amazing witness to the love and care of the earth.

Thanks be to God for all these projects and ministries that connect us to God’s Earth! And thanks to Ayanna Johnson Watkins for sharing this reflection of our partners’ great work!

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