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Rev. Amie Vanderford

The SENT Seminar Confirmed That I’m on the Right Path

November 23, 2020

Attending the 2020 SENT Seminar was the confirmation Amie Vanderford needed to keep shaping her new social enterprise Project Least.

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Constance Folsom

Empowered to Impact Dreams: The Dreamkeepers Find Direction at SENT Seminar 2020

November 18, 2020

"Before the SENT Seminar, I was struggling with what type of organization I was creating, who my target market was, and how I was going to build a supportive network around me that would serve as a guide during the formation years. Now, after attending the SENT seminar, I have no doubt in mind that such support actually exists."

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Why the SENT Seminar is for Everyone

November 10, 2020

Embarking on the journey to launch a health and social service ministry can be daunting. That's why NBA created the SENT Seminar, to help social entrepreneurs find their way through.

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Amber Mattingly, 2020 SENT Seminar Attendee

SENT Seminar Was a Map When I Was Lost

November 09, 2020

Amber Mattingly, SENT 2020 participant and founder of Sacred Flow, an online yoga community, shares how this year's seminar helped her embrace the unknown and be okay with getting lost.

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Managerrie Winston, SENT 2020 participant and founder of Be The Change

A Journey of Defining the Social Impact My Organization Will Have

October 29, 2020

Managerrie Winston, SENT 2020 participant and founder of Be The Change, a new social enterprise launching in Houston, Texas shares how this year's seminar helped define the social impact her organization will have.

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Lesley Durham

Director of Operations Accounting

We are called to care for aging adults – spiritually, physically and mentally. We continually work to ensure the best possible quality of life for more than 180 individuals each day. Our focus is on healthy bodies, sharp minds and happy hearts!