Setting the Table for Justice

Rev. Christy Moore   |   August 29, 2014

Rev. Christy Moore, founder and CEO of StoneSoup Community Venture, hosts Tulsa’s Table, a pop-up community café with food justice in mind, which ensures that everyone is able to eat healthy, whole food regardless of what they can pay. Suggested donation amounts are posted for the fresh, locally-sourced and prepared meal, but patrons decide what to pay. From philanthropic giving that pays it forward to volunteering time or talent to cover the cost of the meal, everyone has the opportunity to dine in shared community with dignity and respect.

Setting the Table for Justice

This kind of dining experience sets the table for justice through the intentional practice of commensality, or dining at the same table with those we might otherwise never encounter. There, we have opportunities to meet, listen to and learn from others who may be living outside the reach of everything we take for granted. In a world where we barely know our next door neighbor, this may seem like risky business, but it’s where food justice can begin.

Food insecurity is often an invisible issue. Justice begins when we “see” others who live without, such as Cindy who dined at our last café. Cindy couldn’t pay cash for her meal, but sharing her story with me was an equally valuable currency. Cindy had the opportunity that day to experience her humanity as something of worth, and I had the opportunity to listen and learn about living as a food insecure person. We both left the table enriched.

Tulsa’s Table is a project of StoneSoup Community Venture, a non-profit entity that has benefitted in many ways from the historical wisdom and financial support of the National Benevolent Association. This collaborative relationship has been particularly beneficial as I work to bring the gospel message of love and inclusion proclaimed through communion into practice at diverse tables across our city.

Learn more about StoneSoup Community Venture and by contacting Rev. Christy Moore, Founder and Executive Director.

The NBA incubates new and emerging Disciples-related health and social service ministries. StoneSoup Community Venture is one of these “incubate” project partners. To learn more, contact Rev. Rebecca Hale, Vice President of Mission and Ministry.

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