Feeding Families: How South Hills Christian Church Answered their Community’s Call

October 12, 2020
South Hills CC Members bringing food to families in Forth Worth, Texas.South Hills CC Members bringing food to families in Forth Worth, Texas.

Arch Mayfield, member of South Hills Christian Church  
COVID-19 NBA Response Grantee Recipient 

This past March, South Hills Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Fort Worth, Texas, learned that the Family Communication Office of the Fort Worth Independent School District (ISD) was enlisting faith communities to help provide weekend groceries for Fort Worth families struggling  with job loss, transportation issues, and basic needs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some of the pantry staple items South Hills purchased for families.Some of the pantry staple items South Hills purchased for families.

South Hills Christian Church (SHCC) Elders eagerly accepted the challenge and made what is now a four-month commitment.

We had extensive support and participation at various levels, including the weekly shoppers who bought groceries for our two families. Another couple donated boxes and insulated bags for the transport of groceries.

Several of our church members at a nearby assisted living center had more food than they could consume in a week, and they shared fruits and cereals. 

Our church served two families. The son of our second family always greeted us and helped unload the groceries.

One of the two families South Hills CC was able to serve.One of the two families South Hills CC was able to serve.

With ISD’s help, we also provided flyers and informational material to our families about other food sources, such as the ongoing Fort Worth ISD Monday through Thursday school meals, as well as local food banks and food trucks. Since our two families live in the same zip code as our church, we have informed them about our weekly online worship service as well.

Volunteers from our congregation shared what being able to support these families with the COVID-19 NBA Response Grant meant to them:

“I am learning that this pandemic is going to be a long journey and that through prayer and interactions with others, 'God’s grace is sufficient' for this journey.” — Diane 

“In the midst of so much unknown and uncertainty, God is present.” — Leslie 

“For me, the pandemic gives witness to our interconnectedness around the Earth, binding my wellbeing intimately to the wellbeing of all my sisters and brothers. “ — Guy 

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