Top 3 Reasons to be Inspired by NBA Incubate Projects

Rev. Ayanna Johnson Watkins   |   March 12, 2015

With the NBA Incubate Initiative, the NBA has the opportunity to partner with new and emerging health and social service ministries started by Disciples in order to support their growth in those critical early years. Here are 3 ways that we are inspired daily by the amazing work of these ministries and projects:

#1: It begins with the seed of an idea!

Mary Lu, with Reach Beyond Mission, in Austin, Texas, speaks of how in conversations with people in her life, she kept hearing them say: “That sounds like a really great idea—you should go for it!” This kind of encouragement went a long way, and Reach Beyond Mission is hosting transformative and educational work-learning trips with youth all across the Southwest.

#2: Their curiosity is for real!

At a recent gathering of NBA Incubate partner ministries, Christy, with StoneSoup Community Venture, made the comment, “I have found members of my tribe!” She is inspired by the opportunity to gather with other curious entrepreneurial souls, exploring together how our communities can have what they need to thrive and allowing her to build and strengthen the particular work StoneSoup is doing to address hunger and food insecurity in the wider Tulsa community.

#3: Disciples are doing amazing ministries of compassion and care!

With the NBA Incubate Initiative, we are partnering with Disciples leaders and communities doing everything from serving seniors (and saints!) through community health centers in congregations across West Virginia, to providing food for individuals and families in Tulsa through low-cost cafes and community gardens, to home healthcare services that allow seniors to live independently in their homes longer in Oklahoma City, to providing safe and collaborative space for social justice ministries in Oakland. The impact is real. Faithful witness is everyday. Join this incubate movement for health and social service ministry! For more information, please contact Rev. Ayanna Johnson Watkins, Director of the NBA Incubate Initiative. 

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