Young Adult Disciples Invited to Apply to NBA XPLOR 2015-2016 Project

November 12, 2014

The National Benevolent Association (NBA) of the Christian Church (Disciples), in partnership with several Disciples churches and Regions, is now receiving applications for young adults interested in applying for the NBA XPLOR 2015-2016 year

What is NBA XPLOR?
XPLOR is a faith-based, 10-month, congregationally hosted residency for 21 to 30-year-olds, who want to explore lives of care and service.

What does an NBA XPLOR Residency involve?
Residents live under one roof within a diverse community of peers where they engage in communal and personal spiritual practices ranging from prayer to simple daily meals together. They care for and learn from others in community-service internships, and they relate to their Host Congregation. This communal lifestyle is not typical in our culture and yet it is designed to help Residents recognize and practice a deeper connection with the people they encounter.

What does a typical week of Residency look like?
A Residency week makes time for all facets of the internship experience: Four days of learning/experience in the Service Site, weekly Sabbath time set aside for personal and collective spiritual reflection, free time for personal care (grocery shopping, laundry, entertainment, and rest) and about six hours a week serving with the Host Congregation.

In 2014, XPLOR welcomed twelve young adults to live in intentional community and service at three XPLOR houses across the U.S.: St. Louis, Missouri; Hiram-Manuta, Ohio; and North Hollywood, California. More information (including videos from each Resident) can be found at www.nbacares.org/xplor.

The four cornerstones of NBA XPLOR are powerful and intentional: hands-on service/justice work; simple living in community; spiritual discernment on vocation; and Disciples leadership development. And at the base and under pinning of those cornerstones, NBA XPLOR is committed to a solid foundation of diversity. Without naming all the possible natures of diversity, XPLOR believes that diversity is a major component of intentional community living and will seek to provide diversity in all XPLOR Houses. Anti-Racism and Anti-Oppression Training is an integral part of XPLOR spiritual and leadership development, beginning with XPLOR Orientation each August, and lasting throughout the full 10 months.

Potential XPLOR applicants could be 2015 college graduates or more recent college graduates; young adults who did not attend college at all or with only limited college work; young adults ending a time of military service; young working professionals who are becoming less interested in” money” and more in “meaning,” young married couples who are ready for a whole new adventure in life.

Applications will be processed as they are received between these deadlines:

  • Early Decision Deadline: December 5, 2014, announced by December 22, 2014. Applicant interviews and reference calls will be conducted between 12/6 – 12/22.
  • Cornerstone Deadline: January 9, 2015, announced by January 23, 2015. Applicant interviews and reference calls will be conducted between 1/12 – 1/22.
  • Extended Deadline: February 8, 2015, announced by February 27, 2015. Applicant interviews and reference calls will be conducted between 2/10 – 2/26.

Contact Bonnie Osei-Frimpong at xplor@nbacares.org or Ben Bohren at bohrenfree@gmail.com. Learn more about NBA XPLOR

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