Introducing the Members of the First SENT Cohort

The National Benevolent Association is proud to announce its inaugural SENT Cohort for 2021. This cohort is the first of its kind and consists of 10 members, who attended the SENT Seminar in 2020 and demonstrated an interest and willingness to work with NBA’s social enterprise team on a deeper level in order to launch and grow their new social service organizations.

This new model takes SENT participants from a one-time collective gathering, the SENT Seminar, which happens in the fall, to more collective gatherings throughout the year. This cohort was created to enhance relationships, support, and provide education for social entrepreneurs. Our pivot in 2020 from an in-person SENT Seminar to a virtual gathering allowed NBA’s social enterprise team to move more resources into the hands of social entrepreneurs.

“We are excited to witness the natural synergy and collaborative spirit already present within our cohort members,” says Director of Social Entrepreneurship Rev. Darnell Fennell. “Our hope is that we might nurture a sense of connectedness and camaraderie during this process. We know that solidarity and community can be sources of inspiration, so we are excited to support our cohort on this front.”

Meet the 2021 SENT Cohort

Amber Mattingly, Sacred Flow

Sacred Flow exists to heal trauma that affects the mind, body, and spirit offering tools to develop self-compassion, a sense of solidarity, and active engagement.

Amie Vanderford, Project LEAST

Project LEAST (Love Everyone As Self Training) is focused on teaching prosocial skills to youth so they can develop healthier emotional and relational ways to better operate in community.

Andre Brown, A Soul Cleansing

“A Soul Cleansing” is a documentary highlighting the stories of LGBTQAI folk who have endured the Black Church’s use of Christian theology to dismiss their faith, life, and love. This documentary seeks to broach the conversation in hopes of revolutionizing the Black Church’s views and values on the uniqueness of human identity, gender expression, sex, and sexuality.

Constance Folsom, Dreamkeepers

Dreamkeepers Coalition is a community organization committed to promoting unity and empowering communities by providing youth and family workshops and programs.

Delesslyn Kennebrew, Morning Glory Bed & Breakfast: Clergy Renewal Program

The Clergy Renewal program of the Morning Glory Bed and Breakfast is an attempt to solve the problem of clergy burnout in pastors who serve in congregations of less than 100 people and have no budget for vacation by awarding grants for hospitality for respite, help for clergy/ministry discernment and hope for renewal for continued ministry.

Loren Richmond, Resonate Media

Resonate Media seeks to help marginalized persons amplify their voices via podcasting and other media enterprises.

Managerrie Winston, Keep It Together: Social Emotional Learning Project

The Keep It Together Foundation provides “The KIT” a set of social-emotional learning tools to serve the mind, bodies, and souls of underprivileged youth breaking boundaries, barriers and rewriting the cycle of generational trauma.

Yolanda Norton, Global Arts & Theology Experience: Beyoncé Mass

The Global Arts and Theology Experience will use womanist theology, visual and performing arts as mechanisms to encourage spiritual and emotional healing for Black women and girls.

Yolanda Roseby, Generation 1st  

Generation 1st was established to identify, create opportunities, and equip people of color in low-income areas to start micro-businesses that will create additional income and strengthen communities. The organization’s goal is to inspire communities to co-create a world through entrepreneurship that improves the quality of lives and reduces the wealth gap.

Reegie Bunch, Dignity & Divinity

Dignity & Divinity is a Northern Ohio faith-based grassroots organization that fights for the dignity and divinity of all incarcerated folks, their families, and communities. Our mission is to build a Black and Brown-led abolitionist movement rooted in community power towards the goal of achieving transformative justice and healing justice for all incarcerated people, their families, and communities.