Mr. Willie Garcia

Why did you say "yes" to the NBA Board of Trustees?

When I received the call from Mark Anderson, I had just been retired by my company via downsizing. I had been praying, “Lord, now that I have all this time on my hands, other than putting more time in my local church, what you want me to do?” We as Christians are called to serve. So here I am, answering the call from God to be involved in Kingdom and care.

The NBA's vision statement is "creating communities of compassion and care." What does this mean to you?

When Mark called and asked me to join, I had an idea what the NBA stood for, but I went to read more about it. I read on senior citizen care, homelessness, children’s care – these are all examples of compassionate care, which the NBA has been involved with for so many years. It has been a great experience so far to have been part of the recent changes in the NBA.


NBA Board of Trustees Meets in Portland

November 30, 2016

Members of the Board of Trustees for the National Benevolent Association of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) met together November 10-12 in Portland, OR, for their Fall 2016 meeting.

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