Adrian Griffin

Adrian is from Fayetteville, Arkansas, a college-town with a lot of soul. Growing up in First Christian Church of Fayetteville, Adrian was a part of a large, but tight-knit youth group. She was also an avid member of the choir and praise band. He often sings in two choirs as his father is director at FCC and his mother is director at the UU Fellowship in Fayetteville. He has participated in mission trips to New Orleans, Oklahoma City and Nashville. Adrian describes himself as a caring person who has an has an abiding love of art, music (singing and drumming), comedy, dancing, animals, fiction writing and playing/running tabletop games. Currently, he works as a cook, but has also worked as a baker and a child counselor. Adrian’s ultimate goal is to be a writer and musician. When he first heard about XPLOR in a presentation at his church, he became very interested because he says he is “driven to do good for others first and himself second.” Adrian is both scared and excited as he thinks about living in a new place and having so many new experiences.

  • From: First Christian Church, Fayetteville, Arkansas 
  • XPLOR House: Bloomington, IN 
  • Community Engagement Site: Habitat for Humanity Restore of Monroe County
  • Host Congregation: First Christian Church of Bloomington 

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Adrian Griffin