Ashlyn Reynolds

Ashlyn is from Bedford, IN, where she attends First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). She graduated in May from Indiana University with a BFA in photography. Ashlyn is active on her church board and co-leads the youth group. She also volunteers with a trail and bookstore in her hometown. She has held work-study jobs in a counseling center and as a high school tutor. She has skills in Photoshop and InDesign and has been playing the flute for 12 years. Ashlyn loves art and art history, reading, running, and is interested in education and community art programming. She worked at a health and wellness center, and she works hard at keeping a vegetarian diet, but also tries to be flexible.

Ashlyn's Blog Posts


I spent my thesis year at Indiana University, a year prior to NBA XPLOR, photographing churches. My work was revolving around Christianity, my faith, and sanctuary. The title of my thesis was Sanctuaries. I focused on sanctuary in terms of feeling and function rather than tradition and piety. As I photograph the different rooms, cracks, and objects in churches I find beauty and baggage in the history.  On one hand my church has always been a safe place for me, on the other I have also had to wrestle with the fact that the church is not always a safe place for everyone. Read more >>