Blaine Kuss

I graduated from DePauw University in 2013 with a degree in musical arts. Music is definitely a passion of mine, but I am also a huge nerd when it comes to the National Basketball Association (you know, that other NBA). Go Memphis, grit and grind!

Team allegiances aside, in addition to my tuba, I will also be bringing my movies. We cannot expect residents to get through ten months without watching Frodo carry the One Ring through Mordor at least once after all.

One aspect of NBA XPLOR that both excites and makes me nervous is how intentional the program is about discerning vocational goals—or at least clarifying them—for residents. I feel as though I have been wandering, trudging, and struggling through this past year physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Strengthening my connection to God through prayer, conversation, and purposeful action will go a long way to figuring out where I turn next. Filled with humility, excitement, nervousness, and hopefulness, yet an empty vessel for God to fill with God’s patient, welcoming grace. I enter what promises to be a transformative ten months.

2014-15 NBA XPLOR Resident Blaine Kuss