Cara McKinney

I am from Kent, Ohio. In May 2014, I graduated from Bowling Green State University with a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies and Spanish.

Throughout my life, I’ve worked hard to define myself with the word “doulos” or servant leader. I’ve participated in and led many mission trips throughout the country, spent most of my summers at the Ohio church camp, Camp Christian, and worked to open my eyes to all walks of life by participating in cultural emersion trips and joining a broad spectrum of campus organizations.

One thing that really excites me about participating in NBA XPLOR is the idea of going somewhere completely new and so far from home (2,371 miles to be exact…) where I know absolutely no one. One goal I have in participating in XPLOR is to discern what direction I want to go in the future; will I go to seminary next? Do I even want to go to seminary? What in the world am I doing with my life?

One special item that I will absolutely bring with me on this ten month residency is a map of the world. I like to keep things in perspective and continue to think about all the places I want to (and will!) visit in the future. These ten months are going to be a whirlwind of an adventure and I’m excited to be a part of such a wonderful new program in the Disciples of Christ community.

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2014-15 NBA XPLOR Resident Cara McKinney