Cassandra Sos

Cassie’s home church is the Chuukese Christian Church of Honolulu, Hawaii. A small congregation that speaks Chuukese, a native language of Chuuk, one of the small islands of Micronesia. Cassie was born in Guam, but has been raised in Honolulu all her life. She is studying in the medical field to become a certified medical assistant. Cassie
is one of the young adult female members of her church which she attends faithfully. She’s also served as a secretary of the youth leadership team. She heard about XPLOR at a Winter NAPAD Retreat in Southern California and was immediately excited about applying. She is thrilled that she will be living in a large city with so many opportunities to learn about diverse populations and different cultures than what she’s grown up with in Hawaii. Cassie seeks to build more knowledge to help herself and others spiritually, physically and emotionally.

  • From: Chuukese Christian Church, Honolulu, Hawaii
  • XPLOR House: Dallas, TX
  • Community Engagement Site: Juliet Fowler
  • Host Congregation: Bethany Christian Church 

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Cassandra Sos