Eliud Peralez

Eliud is a member of Iglesia Cristiana Emmanuel, San Benito, TX, where his parents are the senior pastors. He is a student at University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, majoring in history, and he hopes to be a middle school history teacher some day. He has worked as a substitute teacher, fork lift operator, and kitchen manager. His passion is music ministry and youth ministry, and he plays drums, piano, guitar, and several other instruments, as well as leading a praise team at his church. He also works with Lilies of the Valley, a program his church sponsors working with abused and neglected women. He has done many mission trips locally and across the Mexican border.

  • Home Congregation: Iglesia Cristiana Emmanuel; San Benito, TX
  • Host Site: North Hollywood, CA
  • Community Engagement Site: All Peoples Community Center
  • Host Congregation: First Christian Church, North Hollywood

Eliud's Blog Posts

I’m Living Out in L.A... / Estoy viviendo en Los Ángeles, CA…

Five months ago, if you would have asked me where I would be, I would have given you a completely different answer than living in Los Angeles, California. I was in the process of completing my bachelor’s degree in history at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, and I was determined to finish in the next year. Then, boom!! I get a life-changing call from a long-time Hispanic pastor and friend of mine, Gabriel Lopez. Thus, NBA XPLOR became an option for the next 10 months of my life. Read more >>

We're In This Together

One of the beautiful takeaways from our participation in the National Benevolent Association SENT seminar, was the fact that our struggle was heard by loving people who are in ministries that love to help the marginalized, just like us. It was great to see how everyone shared their passionate stories that helped us relate to our stories. Read more >>

Where Are They Now? Eliud Peralez

If we can recognize that this world is fragmented, then we must also recognize the tools and behavior to bring healing and reconciliation to all types of people. Read more >>