Emily Newsom

Emily is from Virginia Beach, VA. She graduated from Disciples-affiliated Lynchburg College in Lynchburg, VA, in 2018, with a major in Business Administration and a minor in Human Resources. In college, she was a part of the Bonner Leader Program, which emphasizes community service and leadership development. She also participated in the Ethical Debate Team. She loves to discuss hard topics, read, cook, bake, serve, and hang out with friends. In her home church, Grace Bible, she served in Sunday School and took part in a Bible study called BYOB (Bring Your Own Bible). While in college, she was very active in One Community Church of Lynchburg, where she served every week with Sunday school. She would love to learn to speak Spanish fluently. She describes herself as hardworking, funny, compassionate, and reliable. She loves to make others laugh.

Emily's Stories

Hello from the West Coast

The XPLOR program so far has been a huge learning curve; teaching me how to run from base to base while on a simple budget. Living in intentional community has taught me new methods of cooking, viewing work, and self-care. Rachel has taught me improvisation skills when cooking, substituting this for that to still make an incredible meal. Nathaniel has taught me that organizing work is essential for building up our own communities and Colby has taught me that self-care is important in your time off of work. Read more>>