Hannah Ryder

Hannah brings a very unique talent and skill as the captain and then teacher of University of Central Florida’s winter guard program, a world-finalist performing arts program. She is a long-time and very active member at Pershing Avenue Christian Church in Orlando, FL, where she has worked with the youth program, parents’ day out program, Sunday School, and in the nursery. She hopes to become an educator. She loves dance, writing fiction, and desires to stand up and fight against injustices. She currently works in retail.

  • From: Pershing Avenue Christian Church; Orlando, FL
  • XPLOR House: North Hollywood, CA
  • Community Engagement Site: Hope of the Valley
  • Host Congregation: First Christian Church, North Hollywood

Hannah's Blogs

Prepare for the Unexpected

“I don’t think you quite understand what this program is.”

This is what I was told when I first started making it known that I wanted to be a part of NBA XPLOR. Read more >>

The Struggle Is Real - Series Intro

In a recent conversation with the NBA XPLOR Director, the North Hollywood XPLOR house found that as a program, we tend to share far more positives than negatives. Intentional or not, there is a unbalanced front being put up. And I am not just talking about the blogs and articles NBA publishes; I am also talking about our personal social media. This is probably part of our culture as a whole and the tendency to put forth more idealized versions of our lives via social media. I have posted many pictures of my house having fun and going on adventures. Never have I posted about how often we have to discuss the dishes. Read more >>