Ian Pollard

Ian’s home church is First Christian Church in San Bernardino, CA, but he has currently been attending Vista La Mesa Christian Church in San Diego, CA, while away at college. Ian has made every effort to participate in regional youth ministry; he has been a part of many church camps, directed several winter camps, been a part of the regional camp and conference committee, served on several planning committees for events, and has been an adult leader for the Pacific Southwest Regional Youth Leadership Team. Ian graduated in May from Point Loma Nazarene University in the San Diego, CA, area. His degree is a Bachelor of Arts: cross disciplinary in teacher education with a math concentration. His goal is to become a middle school math teacher. Ian loves to play video games and considers himself a nerd. Ian can binge on television shows in a heartbeat. He loves food and will try any food at least once. Ian likes to snowboard whenever he has the availability to do so. He enjoys playing table-top board games with friends, and Ian is currently writing a fantasy-based book series with his best friend. He is working as a behavioral interventionist with children with autism.

Ian's Blogs

Buckle Up and Hold On Tight

I have begun the process of trying to figure out how to answer the hard question that we all ask ourselves: "Why are you here? No really, why are you here?" Read more >>