Landon Wilcox

Landon is new to the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ); however, he quickly fell in love with the justice work that the church is doing throughout the country. He is a member at First Christian Church in Lynchburg, VA. In May, he graduated from Lynchburg College, where he majored in religious studies. He also led Young Life for two years. After XPLOR, he plans to continue on to graduate school so that he can pursue a career as a university professor. In high school, he was on a club swim team that he later coached. He loves to play music, sing, read, and discuss challenging topics with his friends.

Landon's Blogs

I Live Amongst Giants

I observe them from within, and I dare to ask,
“Where is my part in all of this?”
“Who am I in the midst of this Kingdom that is at hand?” Read more >>