Lauren Frato

Lauren is a second-year XPLOR Resident, having spent last year living in St. Louis and working with Neighborhood Houses, a program for children in low-income communities. In St. Louis at Union Avenue Christian Church, Lauren taught Sunday School for elementary children, served on the worship committee, and assisted in leading worship in about every role possible. Being in St. Louis, her eyes have really been opened to racism and white privilege. Most of her life, she has been working with kids, so she hopes to broaden her skills in a new internship area. She might like her life’s work to be in the nonprofit field. She has a passion for music, traveling, and interpersonal communication.

  • From: Union Avenue Christian Church; St. Louis, MO; and Brighter Day Christian Church; Mantua, OH
  • XPLOR House: Tucson-Marana, AZ
  • Community Engagement Site: Marana Community Food Bank
  • Host Congregation: Desert Dove Christian Church

Lauren's Blogs

Take Care of You, So You Can Help Others

This is something I have had to learn being in NBA XPLOR. I was raised that others come first, to help those who are in need. As I am in the second half of my second year in the XPLOR program, I have learned that if I don’t take care of myself, how will I help others? If my spiritual, mental, and physical needs aren’t meant, how can I help others’ needs? Read more >>

Be Courageous

Have you ever felt scared? I most definitely have. I was scared on my last Sunday as an NBA XPLOR resident last year, when I decided to get up in front of the congregation and sing a solo with Evan playing the guitar. But even through my fear, I did it. Read more >>

The Struggle Is Real: Work Sites

Imperfection does not define me.

One thing I have really struggled with in my second year of the NBA XPLOR program is coming to the realization that it’s okay if I make mistakes at my work site. Read more >>

NBA at GA: “A Call to Something Greater than Myself”

In July, I got to participate at the 2017 General Assembly for my first time ever. The week was filled with workshops, worship, business sessions, and the chance to learn about different ministries within the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) denomination. Read more >>

Where Are They Now? Lauren Frato

I decided to do another year of XPLOR because in my first year of the program, I worked with children. Since I had been working with children before I entered into the program, I wasn't sure if I wanted to continue doing that. I also wanted to get experience in another field. So, when I applied for a second year, I asked the team if I could be put in a warm climate and at a community engagement site in a different focus area. Read more >>