Mady McColm

Mady McColm hails from Fort Scott, Kansas and received degrees in theatre, writing, and English from Drury University in Springfield, Missouri. She spent her first XPLOR year in St. Louis, Missouri, working with DOORWAYS, an organization that provides housing and supportive services to people living with HIV. Mady is looking forward to her year of XPLORmore so that she can further experiment with how she fits best into the world of social justice. She loves reading, writing, swimming, and eating way too much hummus.

  • From: Fort Scott, Kansas
  • XPLOR House: Charlotte, NC
  • Community Engagement Site: QC Family Tree
  • Host Congregation: First Christian Church of Charlotte 

Mady's Blog Posts

General Assembly 2019, Abiding in DOC

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I found General Assembly to be an incredible experience. One thing that was really exciting to me about General Assembly was getting to attend the business sessions and seeing what the Disciples of Christ denomination was involved in. I got the privilege of listening to trans individuals and allies rally for further inclusion in the church, pastors who talked about being arrested for the work that they do helping refugees, and Disciples Women discussing the progress they’ve made in helping victims of human trafficking. I could see that the larger Disciples Church is alive and at work in our local and international communities. Read more>>

XPLOR Residents, I Believe in You

An Open Letter to XPLOR Residents:

I am addressing you today because I know that some of our support systems are confused by what we are doing and why we are doing it. Our well-meaning friends and family want us to find comfort and success, quantified by the number of digits tacked on to the end of a salary. Read more >>

Mady McColm