Meg Morrison

Meg is from Marietta, Georgia and graduated from the University of Georgia this past May. She studied Social Work and is passionate about fighting injustice in her community. Meg recently began attending Oconee Street United Methodist Church and has enjoyed getting to know that community. She’s participated in mission trips to Jamaica and Scotland and while at UGA studied abroad in England. She’s also worked two summer internships with Servants in Faith and Technology. She is currently interning at a substance abuse recovery center for women and has benefited from getting to know the women that she serves. She is very passionate about music, playing the guitar and singing and loves reading, coffee shops, traveling and meeting new people. Meg hopes that XPLOR will assist her in combining her commitment to both social justice and her faith.

  • From: Oconee Street United Methodist Church, Athens, Gerogia 
  • XPLOR House: Spokane, WA
  • Community Engagement Site: Hope House Women Shelter
  • Host Congregation: Country Homes Christian Church 

Meg's Blog Posts

Power Moves Only

Moving away from home is a funny thing. I have done it a couple of times. My first time was when I began college at the University of Georgia, a lengthy hour and forty-five-minute drive from home. This was a move that provoked so much anxiety and instability in me that I did not know if I would even want to move again. Read more >>

Meg Morrison